WIcked Cake on Twitter


On the Wicked Cake Twitter page I post non-stop updates about whatever I'm working on from a day-to-day basis.

Shadowcrawl on Twitter


The Shadowcrawl Twitter works like an alert system to warn players about celestial activity that would affect the game, like playing under a FULL MOON!

Corpse Castle on Reddit


On here I post guides, secrets, in-depth updages, all sorts of sneak-peaks & lots of other fun stuff. Come join us!

Wicked Cake Discord


We previously had been using the Shadowcrawl General Chat but we all recently migrated to a dedicated Wicked Cake Discord!

Corpse Castle on Itch.io


Over here I usually post the most detailed of all ym upate logs for Corpse Castle Demo versions. I usually blast the link everywhere sle though too